How to Split a Bill: Is there a Transcultural Homiletic for all Peoples, all Places, all Times?

In the Asian culture, when you eat out with your friends, you
never split the bill. One person offers to pay for everyone else.
This sounds great. But you’re also supposed to fight that person
for the bill. In the Anglo culture, in contrast, you always split the
bill. But if one person offers to pay for everyone, you happily let
that person pay. You’re not going to fight them.
I am Asian-Australian. I can choose when to be Asian. I
can also choose when to be Anglo. So, when an Asian friend
offers to pay for the whole bill, that’s when I choose to be Anglo.
I gladly let them pay.
Culture is everywhere. It affects how we split a bill. It also
affects how we preach—for both the preacher and the audience.
The aim of my article is to explore how culture affects our
homiletics. Is there a transcultural homiletic—one that
transcends all cultures. Or will it be necessarily enculturated—
with cultural distinctives?