Book Reviews (23-2)

Preaching to a Divided Nation: A Seven-Step Model for Promoting
Reconciliation and Unity. By Matthew D. Kim and Paul A.
Hoffman. (Reviewer: R. Larry Overstreet.)
Celebrities for Jesus: How Personas, Platforms, and Profits are Hurting
the Church. By Katelyn Beaty. (Reviewer: Scott M. Gibson)
Preaching the Manifold Grace of God: Theologies of Preaching in the
Early Twenty-First Century, Vol. 2. Edited by Ronald J. Allen. (Reviewer: Jared E. Alcántara)
Preaching from Inside the Story: A Fresh Journey into Narrative. By Jeffrey W. Frymire. (Reviewer: Kristopher Barnett)
Resonate: How to Preach for Deep Connection. By Lisa Washington Lamb. (Reviewer: Gregory K. Hollifield)
Taking Kierkegaard Back to Church: The Ecclesial Implications of the
Gospel. By Aaron P. Edwards. (Reviewer: Alex Kato)
New Testament Rhetoric: An Introductory Guide to the Art of
Persuasion in and of the New Testament, Second Edition. By Ben Witherington III and Jason A. Myers. (Reviewer: Thomas Kitchen)
The Beauty and Power of Biblical Exposition: Preaching the Literary Artistry and Genres of the Bible. By Douglas Sean O’Donnell and Leland Ryken. (Reviewer: Derek Kitterlin)
Gospel Witness Through the Ages: A History of Evangelism. By David
M. Gustafson. (Reviewer: Todd H. Hilkemann)
What Do We Do When Nobody Is Listening?: Leading the Church in a
Polarized Society. By Robin W. Lovin. (Reviewer: R. Larry Overstreet)
How to Preach Proverbs. By Jared E. Alcántara. (Reviewer: Matthew D. Kim)
Divine Laughter: Preaching and the Serious Business of Humor. By
Karl N. Jacobson and Rolf A. Jacobson. (Reviewer: Christopher Kearney)
The Visual Preacher: Proclaiming an Embodied Word. By Steve
Thomason. (Reviewer: Jonathan Nason)
Speaking Across Generations: Messages That Satisfy Boomers, Xers,
Millennials, Gen Z, and Beyond. By Darrell E. Hall. (Reviewer: Nicali K. Yeputhomi)
Jeremiah and Lamentations: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and
Teaching. By Duane Garrett and Calvin F. Pearson. (Reviewer: Francisco Cotto)
Preaching: A Simple Approach to the Sacred Task. By Daniel Overdorf. (Reviewer: Kevin Maples)
1 & 2 Kings: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching. By David B. Schreiner and Lee Compson. (Reviewer: R. Larry Overstreet)
Psalms, Volume 1: The Wisdom Psalms. By Charles H. Savelle Jr. and W. Creighton Marlowe. (Review: Joshua Peeler)
God is in the House: A Fresh Model for Shaping a Sermon. By John Woods. (Reviewer: Timothy Y. Rhee)
Galatians. By Matthew S. Harmon. (Reviewer: Fieldon J. Thigpen)
Illustrating Well: Preaching Sermons that Connect. By Jim L. Wilson. (Reviewer: Mark O. Wilson)
Charismatic and Expository Preaching: A Case Study of Two Preaching
Methods within the Local Church. By Lewis D. Mathis. (Reviewer: Thomas Rho)
Preaching: The Art of Narrative Exposition. By Calvin Miller; The Sermon Maker: Tales of a Transformed Preacher. By Calvin Miller. (Reviewer: J. David Duncan)

Book Reviews (23-1)

Called to Preach: Fulfilling the High Calling of Expository Preaching, Steven J. Lawson (Reviewer: Nicholas B. Marnejon)
Preaching the Manifold Grace of God: Theologies of Preaching in Historical Theological Families, Volume 1, Ronald J. Allen, editor (Reviewer: Jared E. Alcántara)
Oil Enough to Make the Journey: Sermons on the Christian Walk, Jack R. Lundbom (Reviewer: Mark Drinnenberg)
Preaching by Heart: How a Classical Practice Helps Contemporary Pastors to Preach without Notes, Ryan P. Tinetti (Reviewer: Rock LaGioia)
Shouting Above the Noisy Crowd: Biblical Wisdom and the Urgency of Preaching, edited by Charles L. Aaron Jr. and Jamie Clark-Soles (Reviewer: Charlie Ray III)
Preaching the Gospel: Collected Sermons on Discipleship, Mission, Peace, Justice, and the Sacraments, Ronald J. Sider (Reviewer: James Rodgers)
A Biblical Study Guide for Equal Pulpits, Young Lee Hertig (Reviewer: Caroline Smith)
Embodied Hope: A Homiletical Theological Reflection, Veronice Miles (Reviewer: William Andrew “Ted” Williams)
Old Made New, Greg Lanier (Reviewer: Ryan Boys)
The Pastor’s Bookshelf: Why Reading Matters for Ministry, Austin Carty (Reviewer: Brian Carmichael Sr.)
Chasing After Wind: A Pastor’s Life, Douglas J. Brouwer (Reviewer: Kevin Koslowsky)
The Peoples’ Sermon: Preaching as a Ministry of the Whole Congregation, Shauna K. Hannan (Reviewer: Gary R. McLellan Jr.)
Real People, Real Faith: Preaching Biblical Characters, Cindy Halvorson (Reviewer: Rob O’Lynn)
Preaching the Truth as it is in Jesus: A Reader on Andrew Fuller, David E. Prince (Reviewer: Tony A. Rogers)
Expository Preaching in Africa: Engaging Orality for Effective Proclamation, Ezekiel A. Ajibade (Reviewer: Jesse L. Nelson)
When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community from Emotional and Spiritual Abuse, Chuck DeGroat (Reviewer: Scott M. Gibson)
James: An Exegetical Guide for Preaching and Teaching, Herbert W. Bateman IV and William C. Varner (Reviewer: Brad Baxter)
John Through Old Testament Eyes: A Background and Application Commentary, Karen H. Jobes (Reviewer: Matthew Love)
Preaching Life-Changing Sermons: Six Steps to Developing and Delivering Biblical Messages, Jesse L. Nelson (Reviewer: Jason Poznich)
Colossians and Philemon: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching, Adam Copenhaver and Jeffrey D. Arthurs (Reviewer: Christian Schmitt)
A Contemporary Handbook for Weddings and Funerals and Other Occasions: Revised and Updated, edited by Aubrey Malphurs, Keith Wilhite, and Dennis Hillman (Reviewer: Gary L. Shultz Jr.)
The Preacher’s Wife: The Precarious Power of Evangelical Women Celebrities, Kate Bowler (Reviewer: Scott M. Gibson)
Preaching for Culture Change: How the Communication Techniques of Preachers, Rabbis, Companies, and Linguists Can Transform the Culture of Your Church, Jason Esposito (Reviewer: Jeffrey Arthurs)
The Women’s Lectionary: Preaching the Women of the Bible throughout the Year, Ashley M. Wilcox (Reviewer: Arica Heald Demme)
How to Preach the Prophets for All Their Worth, Andrew G. M. Hamilton (Reviewer: Gregory K. Hollifield)
Pandemic Preaching: The Pulpit in a Year Like No Other, David H. Garcia (Reviewer: Kevin Maples)
Disastrous Preaching: Preaching in the Aftermath of a Natural Environmental Disaster, Jeff Stanfill (Reviewer: Christian Schmitt)
From Ancient Text to Valid Application: A Practical Exploration of Pericopal Theology in Preaching, Josiah D. Boyd (Reviewer: Russell St. John)
Circles in the Stream: Index, Identification, and Intertext: Reading and Preaching the Story of Judah in Genesis 37-50, Paul E. Koptak (Reviewer: Stephen Stallard)
Jude: An Oral and Performance Commentary, David Seal (Reviewer: Harry Strauss)

Book Reviews (22-2)

The God of the Dangerous Sermon, Frank A. Thomas (Reviewer: Lawrence E. Aker III)
How Women Transform Preaching, Leonora Tubbs Tisdale (Reviewer: Caroline Smith)
The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: Old and New Testament, Greg Harris (Reviewer: Drew Tillman)
The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative, 2nd ed., Steven D. Mathewson (Reviewer: Will Wilson)
The Ministry of Women in the New Testament, Dorothy A. Lee (Reviewer: Bearett Wolverton)
Preacher Girl: Uldine Utley and the Industry of Revival, Thomas A. Robinson (Reviewer: Heather Joy Zimmerman)
Preaching Second Corinthians, James W. Thompson (Reviewer: Meghan Bishop)
Unspeakable: Preaching and Trauma-Informed Theology, Sarah Travis (Reviewer: Joshua Peeler)
Her Preaching Body: Conversations About Identity, Agency, and Embodiment Among Contemporary Female Preachers, Amy P. McCullough (Reviewer: Nathan Wright)
Galatians. From Commentaries for Christian Formation, N. T. Wright (Reviewer: Todd H. Hilkemann)
Writing for the Ear, Preaching from the Heart, Donna Giver Johnston (Reviewer: Kristopher Barnett)
Hiding in the Pews: Shining Light on Mental Illness in the Church, Steve Austin (Reviewer: Field Thigpen)
Sermons that Sing: Music and the Practice of Preaching, Noel A. Snyder (Reviewer: Ken Langley)
The Manifold Beauty of Genesis One: A Multi-Layered Approach, Gregg Davidson and Kenneth J. Turner (Reviewer: Gregory K. Hollifield)
The Parables: Jesus’s Friendly Subversive Speech, Douglas D. Webster (Reviewer: Russell St. John)
Sermon Listening: A New Approach Based on Congregational Studies and Rhetoric, Enoh Šeba (Reviewer: Jeremy Kimble)
The Third Room of Preaching: A New Empirical Approach, Marianne Gaarden (Reviewer: J. David Duncan)
The Rhetorical Approach to 1 Thessalonians, Ezra JaeKyung Cho (Reviewer: Derek Kitterlin)
Revival Preaching: Twelve Lessons from Jonathan Edwards, Ernest Eugene Klassen (Reviewer: Paul A. Hoffman)
Making a Scene in the Pulpit: Vivid Preaching for Visual Listeners, Alyce McKenzie (Reviewer: Dave Bland)
Preaching and the Thirty-Second Commercial: Lessons from Advertising for the Pulpit, O. Wesley Allen and Carrie La Ferle (Reviewer: Cameron R. Thomas)
The Return of Oral Hermeneutics: As Good Today as It Was for the Hebrew Bible and First-Century Christianity, Tom Steffen and William Bjoraker (Reviewer: Eric Price)
Paul and the Hope of Glory: An Exegetical and Theological Study, Constantine R. Campbell (Reviewer: Greg R. Scharf)
Topical Preaching in a Complex World: How to Proclaim Truth and Relevance at the Same Time, Sam Chan and Malcolm Gill (Reviewer: Reginald D. Taylor)

Wanted: Catfish for Our Think Tank

What is needed are holy healthy places for thinking, interaction, and engagement without intellectual prejudice or divisiveness. We need think tanks more than we need labs. Our Evangelical Homiletics Society is not so much a lab as it is a think tank. A think tank consists of a body of experts who share ideas and advice to advance a chosen field of research and application. Unlike medical labs, think tanks are messy places. Not all ideas gain traction there. Advice can come off as criticism.
Sacred cows get slaughtered. Presuppositions are called into question. Novelty is neither embraced for novelty’s sake nor rejected on the same grounds. Catfish swim freely in healthy think tanks. By their presence, resistance, and “convince me” attitudes, they keep their colleagues’ minds from growing soft and mushy

Book Reviews (Vol. 22 No. 1)

Simplify the Message: Multiply the Impact by Talbot Davis (Reviewer: Christopher Priestaf)
Preaching for a Verdict: Recovering the Role of Exhortation by J. Josh Smith (Reviewer: Jody Alan Wolf)
Preaching to People in Pain: How Suffering Can Shape Your Sermons and Connect with Your Congregation by Matthew D. Kim (Reviewer: Jeffrey Arthurs)
Apostle of Persuasion: Theology and Rhetoric in the Pauline Letters by James W. Thompson (Reviewer: Timothy S. Warren)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Theology of a Preaching Life by Michael Pasquarello III (Reviewer: Alex Kato)
7 Lessons for New Pastors: Your First Year in Ministry, 2nd ed by Matthew D. Kim (Reviewer: Blayne Banting)
1 & 2 Timothy, Titus: A Theological Commentary for Preachers by Abraham Kuruvilla (Reviewer: Gregory K. Hollifield)
Ethical Approaches to Preaching: Choosing the Best Way to Preach About Difficult Issues by John S. McClure (Reviewer: Scott Lucky)
Third Voice: Preaching Resurrection by Michael P. Knowles (Reviewer: Jeremy McClung)
What’s Right with Preaching Today? The Enduring Influence of Fred B. Craddock edited by Mike Graves and André Resner (Reviewer: David Reese)
Preaching Christ from Leviticus: Foundations for Expository Sermons by Sidney Greidanus (Reviewer: Paul A. Hoffman)
Tethered to the Cross: The Life and Preaching of Charles H. Spurgeon by Thomas Breimaier (Reviewer: Eric Price)
Ephesians: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching by Gregory S. MaGee and Jeffrey D. Arthurs (Reviewer: Tim MacBride)
Ministers of Reconciliation: Preaching on Race and the Gospel edited by Daniel Darling (Reviewer: Kristopher Barnett)
Theology Is for Preaching: Biblical Foundations, Method, and Practice edited by Chase R. Kuhn and Paul Grimmond (Reviewer: Keith Essex)
Preaching Hope in Darkness: Help for Pastors in Addressing Suicide from the Pulpit by Scott M. Gibson and Karen E. Mason (Reviewer: Kyle Lincoln)
Living in God’s True Story: 2 Peter by Donald L. Morcom (Reviewer: Nicholas B. Marnejon)
1–2 Timothy & Titus by Andreas J. Köstenberger (Reviewer: Steele B. Wright)
Preaching with an Accent: Biblical Genres for Australian Congregations edited by Ian Hussey (Reviewer: Rodney A. Palmer)
Preaching in/and the Borderlands edited by J. Dwayne Howell and Charles L. Aaron, Jr. (Reviewer: Jesse Welliver)
Expository Preparation: Preparing Your Soul to Preach by Benjamin G. Campbell (Reviewer: Tony A. Rogers)
Always a Guest: Speaking of Faith Far from Home by Barbara Brown Taylor (Reviewer: Arica Heald Demme)
Lies My Preacher Told Me: An Honest Look at the Old Testament by Brent A. Strawn (Reviewer: Soloman R. Patrick)
Let the Legends Preach: Sermons by Living Legends at the E. K. Bailey Preaching Conference edited by Jared E. Alcántara (Reviewer: Matthew D. Kim)

Book Reviews (JEHS 21-2)

Words That Heal: Preaching Hope to Wounded Souls by Joni S.
Sancken (Reviewer: H. Jared Bumpers)
Practicing the Preaching Life by David B. Ward (Reviewer: Glenn Watson)
Father Taylor: Boston’s Sailor Preacher by William H. Armstrong (Reviewer: Martin L. Knox)
Communicating with Grace and Virtue by Quentin J. Schultze (Reviewer: Randall A. Boltinghouse)
The Big Idea Companion for Preaching and Teaching edited by Matthew D. Kim and Scott M. Gibson (Reviewer: Michael Duduit)
Predicadores: Hispanic Preaching and Immigrant Identity by Tito Madrazo (Reviewer: Kerwin Rodriguez)
To Aliens and Exiles: Preaching the New Testament as Minority Group Rhetoric in a Post-Christendom World by Tim MacBride (Reviewer: Casey Barton)
The Overshadowed Preacher: Mary, the Spirit, and the Labor of Proclamation by Jerusha Matsen Neal (Reviewer: Dwayne Milioni)
The Beauty of Preaching: God’s Glory in Christian Proclamation by Michael Pasquarello III (Reviewer: Charlie Ray, III)
How to Preach the Psalms by Kenneth J. Langley (Reviewer: Gregory K. Hollifield)
Using Our Outside Voice: Public Biblical Interpretation by Greg Carey (Reviewer: Gary T. Alley)
The Gospel People Don’t Want to Hear: Preaching Challenging Messages by Lisa Cressman. (Reviewer: Michael H. Mills)
Intentional Preaching: A View from the Pew by Meirwyn Walters (Reviewer: Christopher Priestaf)
Misreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes: Patronage, Honor, and Shame in the Biblical World. By E. Randolph Richards and Richard James (Reviewer: Timothy Ward)
Spiritual Practices of Jesus: Learning Simplicity, Humility, and Prayer with Luke’s Earliest Readers by Catherine J. Wright (Reviewer: Nathan Wright)
Hebrews: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching by Herbert W. Bateman and Steven W. Smith (Reviewer: Cisco Cotto)
Echoes: The Lord’s Prayer in the Preacher’s Life by Geoff New (Reviewer: Rock LaGioia)
Nehemiah: A Pastoral and Exegetical Commentary by T. J. Betts (Reviewer: Si Cochran)
Pages from a Preacher’s Notebook: Wisdom and Prayers from the Pen of John Stott edited by Mark Meynell (Reviewer: Akintayo Emmanuel)
Creative Bible Teaching by Lawrence O. Richards and Gary J. Bredfeldt (Reviewer: Mark Drinnenberg)
The Heart is the Target: Preaching Practical Application from Every Text by Murray Capill (Reviewer: Quentin Self)
So Everyone Can Hear by Mark Crosby (Reviewer: Jonathan Holder)
Christ-Oriented Expository Preaching: Preaching the New Testament Use of the Old Testament by Kyoohan Lee. (Reviewer: Todd H. Hilkemann)
Biblical Storytelling Design: Understanding Why Oral Stories Work by Jim Roché (Reviewer: Philip Long)

Book Reviews (JEHS 21-1)

An Essential Guide to Public Speaking: Serving Your Audience with Faith, Skill, and Virtue. By Quentin J. Schultze (Reviewer: Jared E. Alcántara) The Leader’s Journey: Accepting the Call to Personal and Congregational Transformation, 2nd ed. By Jim Herrington, Trisha Taylor, and R. Robert Creech. (Reviewer: Gary L. Shultz Jr.) Diary of a Pastor’s Soul: The […]

Book Reviews (JEHS 20-2)

Preaching God’s Grand Drama: A Biblical-Theological Approach. By Ahmi Lee (Reviewer: Eric Price) The Practices of Christian Preaching: Essentials for Effective Proclamation. Jared E. Alcántara. (Reviewer: Timothy S. Warren) King’s Speech: Preaching Reconciliation in a World of Violence and Chasm. By Sunggu Yang. (Reviewer: Jeffrey Arthurs) Ezekiel. By John W. Hilber. (Reviewer: Ryan Boys) Preaching the New Testament […]

Book Reviews (JEHS 20-1)

Training Preachers: A Guide to Teaching Homiletics. Edited by Scott M. Gibson. (Reviewer: Greg R. Scharf) Preaching to be Heard: Delivering Sermons that Command Attention. By Lucas O’Neill. (Reviewer: Rodney A. Palmer) The Power of Preaching: Crafting a Creative Expository Sermon. By Tony Evans. (Reviewer: Gregory K. Hollifield) Encountering the Living God in Scripture: Theological […]

Book Reviews (JEHS 19-2)

Preaching With Empathy: Crafting Sermons in a Callous Age. By Lenny Luchetti. (Reviewer: Jeffrey Arthurs) From the Study to the Pulpit: An 8-Step Method for Preaching and Teaching the Old Testament. By Allan Moseley. (Reviewer: Pete Charpentier) Impact Preaching: A Case for the One-Point Expository Sermon. By Jim L. Wilson, R. Gregg Watson, Michael Kuykendall, […]