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Fruitful Thinking About Preaching

Biblical Language and the Language of Preaching

Language changes—not just the English language, but every language. Some languages change more rapidly than others. In general, the more contact with other languages, the more rapid the change; in our time, the more language is mediated by advertising agencies and the entertainment industry, the more vapid the change. In a decadent culture, media-conditioned to [...]

Book-Level Meaning: A Neglected but Essential Tool for Preaching

In the realm of homiletics, much attention is given to the understanding of the particular details of a passage, as well as how that passage speaks Christologically, within its canonical context. While these are needful elements of the hermeneutical and homiletical enterprise, one must also understand a passage within the context of the book it [...]

When Clergy Preach and Teach on Suicide: Do Listeners Hear?

Clergy have a key role in suicide prevention by ministering to people struggling with suicidal thoughts and behaviors and performing suicide funerals and memorial services. However, it is not clear if clergy preach or teach on suicide-related topics and if congregants hear them preach on these topics. It is also unclear if clergy and congregants [...]

The Adoption of Communication Theory in Homiletics

Communication theory grew out of the mathematical theories of Claude Elwood Shannon and Warren Weaver. In the two decades that followed, their theories were carried forward by the likes of Fearing Franklin, Milton Dickens, Wilbur Schramm, and others. Since then, numerous homileticians have taken notice of communication theory and adopted theorized models for speech-communication and [...]

Jesus is Coming – So What?

Micah 4

Book Reviews (JEHS 21-2)

Words That Heal: Preaching Hope to Wounded Souls by Joni S. Sancken (Reviewer: H. Jared Bumpers) Practicing the Preaching Life by David B. Ward (Reviewer: Glenn Watson) Father Taylor: Boston’s Sailor Preacher by William H. Armstrong (Reviewer: Martin L. Knox) Communicating with Grace and Virtue by Quentin J. Schultze (Reviewer: Randall A. Boltinghouse) The Big [...]